Truckers Shut Down Oakland Port To Protest CA Labor Law

Truckers Protest Over Labor Law Block Operations At Port Of Oakland

Photo: Getty Images

Truckers shut down a major West Coast port on Thursday, protesting a new California labor law.

The law requires freelancers and 'gig workers' to be classified as employees, with access to benefits and overtime. The law was aimed at companies like Uber or DoorDash -- but independent truckers say it will cost them work unless they can find a job with a trucking company.

"We've all been out here for three days, non-stop, from early mornings to late night," port driver Randeep Dhillon said. "You know, we're trying to stop the Port's operation so that we can get our point across and cancel that AB5 law. We're gonna be out here until Sacramento gives us an answer about this law."

More than 70,000 California truck drivers are affected by the law.

Check out more details on KTVU News.

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