Moon Jacket of Buzz Aldrin To Sell For $2M

View of Moon limb with Earth rising on the horizon. Footprints as an evidence of people being there or great forgery. Collage. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Photo: Getty Images

You could wear the same jacket that Buzz Aldrin wore when he visited the moon in 1969 -- providing you have at least $2 million to spare.

  • That's how much officials with Sotheby's expect the jacket to sell for when it hits the auction block. The jacket, which is emblazoned with Aldrin's name and the NASA logo, is among a number of items that the 92-year-old astronaut has decided to sell through Sotheby's. The other items include the Eagle lunar module's faulty circuit breaker switch, which almost left Aldrin and Neil Armstrong stranded on the moon; and a felt-tip pen that was used to start the ship that brought both astronauts back to the Columbia command module, according to the auction house.
  • "After deep consideration, the time felt right to share these items with the world, which for many are symbols of a historical moment," Aldrin says. " I hope that this collection offers some insight into what it has been like to be Buzz Aldrin." The auction is set for July 26th, less than a week after the moon landing's 53rd anniversary.

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