Coach Rescues U.S. Swimmer Who Passes Out During World Championships


Photo: Getty Images

An American swimmer had to be rescued by her coach after losing consciousness during a competition at the world swimming championships in Budapest this week.

Artistic swimmer Anita Alvarez had just completed her solo routine when she began to sink to the bottom of the pool... Her coach Spaniard Fuentes, a four-time Olympic medalist, jumped in and pulled Alvarez to safety.

Alvarez received medical attention at poolside and is now doing "fine", according to Fuentes.

“We sometimes forget that this happens in other high-endurance sports,” Fuentes added. “Marathon, cycling, cross country… we all have seen images where some athletes don’t make it to the finish line and others help them to get there. Our sport is no different than others, just in a pool, we push through limits and sometimes we find them."

It's possible she could be cleared by doctors to compete in Friday's events.

Read the full report on Reuters.

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