Dog Chillin With Gorillas at the San Diego Zoo

Close-Up Portrait Of Gorilla On Field

Photo: Getty Images

The San Diego Humane Society continued to care for "Mighty Joe Young," a dog who found his way into the gorilla enclosure at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

A stray dog made his way into the park and then the ape enclosure, prompting a call to the SDHS officers. According to NBC, the gorillas watched the dog warily with one following the lost dog for a short period of time and another chasing it away from a ledge. When zoo staff saw the dog, they were able to recall the animal using their safety recall procedures.

The three SDHS officers were able to leash the one-and -a half-year-old shepherd and bring him back to the organization's Escondido campus for evaluation. He doesn't have a microchip. The dog received a veterinary exam from the San Diego Human Society. The vet removed several ticks from the dog but said he is otherwise in good condition. The dog was also given all his vaccines.

"The dog was very easy, sweet, a nice dog. Very easy to leash. He was incredibly lucky that he did not get any injuries from his encounter." said SDHS officer Samantha Clark.

Neither the dog nor the gorillas were hurt in the incident.

Now the dog waits at the Escondido campus on a "stray hold," a four-day period for the owner to come forward and claim him. If no owner comes forward during that period, Mighty Joe Young will be scheduled for neuter surgery before being placed for adoption.

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