Sonic Workers Find An Absolute Nightmare Lurking Behind The Fry Machine

Royal python snake

Photo: Getty Images

Workers at Sonic fled the restaurant earlier this month when they found something unexpected behind the deep fryer.

The entire staff was spooked by a snake. They abandoned the shop and called the cops, describing what they thought was a rattler, known to be among the venomous snakes in Georgia.

According to Huffington Post, the snake turned out to be a 3.5-foot-long ball python, a nonvenomous constrictor snake.

“I ended up catching it with a broom handle,” said Lt Matthew Wislon of the Brunswick Police Department, “I just got it where I could secure its head. Then I put him in a paper bag and carried him out.”

Wilson said he suspects the restaurant left its back door open and the snake slithered in for the same reason as the customers: It was hungry and thirsty.

Wilson, who has a ball python of his own, said the Sonic snake has a new home with a snake-loving friend.

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