13 Hurt When Greyhound Bus Blows Tire on California Highway

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Photo: Getty Images

Thirteen people were injured when a Greyhound bus blew a tire and veered into a sports utility vehicle and a center divider wall.

According to Yahoo, there were 33 people aboard the bus when it crashed. Thirteen people were taken to hospitals but only one of those injured suffered a major injury, believed to be a compound fracture, and the rest had minor injuries.

Two of the people injured were in the Mitsubishi that was struck and the other 11 were from the bus.

The bus was traveling at about 60-65 mph (96-105 kph) when its left front tire blew out and it veered to the left and hit the Mitsubishi and then the center divider.

Uninjured bus passengers were taken to a tribal hall on the Morongo Indian reservation.

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