Transgender Child Molester Hannah Tubbs to Stand Trial On Murder Charge

The topic of Hannah Tubbs is one that is heavily discussed on the John and Ken Show. A few weeks back, Tubbs was charged with first-degree murder in Kern County and in February of this year, the transgender child molester was heard on a jailhouse phone call gloating about her light sentence after pleading guilty to molesting a 10 year old girl in 2014. Now.. the story intensifies.
Hannah Tubbs f.k.a James Edward Tubbs, 26, has now been ordered to stand trial on her murder charge.

In April 2019, Tubbs was second-in-command for a "survivalist transient group" - Tubbs was in-charge of keeping order in the group and had previously promised group members a better life after many had moved from Spokane, Washington to Lake Isabella, according to a witness.

During that month, one of the group members was killed by Hannah Tubbs.

According to a number of witnesses and a sheriff's investigator that testified, Tubbs admitted to beating Michael Clark to death.

“(She) made a comment that it was an accident,”
“(She) said something to the effect that ‘it had gone too far.'”

said Sgt. Mark Chambless

According to Sgt. Chambless, Tubbs admitted to smoking methamphetamine prior to an interview where she would incriminate herself.

During a hearing on Monday, Sgt. Steven Davis discusses what he had been told about Clark and Tubbs.
Witnesses told Sgt. Davis that on the evening of April 20, 2019, Clark and Tubbs were involved in a heated argument after Tubbs had stolen a Western Union payment from Clark. The payment was sent to Clark by his father. After realizing that Tubbs had stolen the payment, Clark threatened to contact law enforcement. The following morning, the two went for a walk, witnesses said. Tubbs was the only one to return from the walk.

During testimony, two campers stated that Tubbs had told them that she killed Clark - to protect them from Clark.
The campers did not inform law enforcement about this encounter until after the body of Clark was found. They were taken into custody.

The body of Michael Clark was found in the Kern River in August 2019.

The relationship between Clark and Tubbs was quite tumultuous.

During this time, Tubbs was arrested for allegedly stealing a van. This arrest was unrelated to the murder of Clark. While in jail, Tubbs was questioned about the murder of Clark.

After being questioned, she called her father and asked that he "wipe her phone".
Chambless testified and said that he interviewed Tubbs in jail on March , 2020 - where she admitted that she and Clark were involved in an argument and she pushed him into the Kern River, where he ultimately drowned.

The story is recounted differently on May 6, 2022 when Tubbs was interviewed by the District Attorney's office investigator Don Kreuger.

According to Tubbs, Clark, Tubbs, and Buffaloe (another person that is supposedly involved) were all involved in an argument. Tubbs and Buffaloe agreed to teach Clark a "lesson".

According to this interview, Buffaloe wrapped his arms around the neck of Clark, choking him. As this was taking place, Tubbs was apparently cheering him on. Clark then turned purple and he collapsed when Buffaloe let him go.

Buffaloe and Tubbs decided they wanted to get rid of his body by throwing it in the Kern River. They apparently wrapped Clark's lifeless body in a blanket and threw him in the river.

According to Tubbs, bubbles rose as his body sank in the river.

This is such a horrifying case that will continue for weeks and months to come.

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