Escaped Inmate & Prison Guard Were Carrying Five Guns, Thousands In Cash

Escaped prison inmate Casey White -- and the guard who helped him escape -- were ready for a shootout with police, an Indiana Sheriff said on Tuesday...

Turns out Casey White and Vicky White were carrying $29,000 in cash, four handguns, and an AR-15 rifle when they were captured in Evansville, Indiana this week.

Cropped Hand Of Men Removing Handcuffs

Photo: Getty Images

38-year-old Casey surrendered to police on Tuesday. But 56-year-old Vicky White, (who is not related to Casey), died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after U.S. Marshals ran their vehicle off the road.

“I know she did wrong and made a terrible mistake, but she’s still your friend,” jail employee Sherry Sylvester said of Vicky White.

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Read the full report on The Orange County Register.

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