Dolly Parton and Doja Cat Team Up for Musical on Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza

Grammy winning artists are teaming up for a virtual musical for the ages.

Dolly Parton announced on her social media that she would be teaming up with Taco Bell for a musical based on the return of the fan favorite Mexican pizza.

The item was taken off the menu in 2020 and the internet poured in its dismay over the decision.

Some took to TikTok, to commemorate the loss.

Doja Cat who created a jingle expressing her love, became the basis for TikTok user Victor Kunda's video idea making the tune into a musical.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Parton will star alongside Doja and Kunda with some yet to be announced guest stars.

Mexican Pizza: The Musical is set to premiere Thursday, May 26, at 5 pm PT on Taco Bell's TikTok.

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