What Happened at the Latest LA Mayoral Debate


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Last night, candidates running to become the next Mayor of Los Angeles came together for another Mayoral Debate.

A slew of issues were discussed, but homelessness was the topic that was most debated.

Rep. Karen Bass, Coucilman Joe Buscaino, real estate developer Rick Caruso, City Attorney Mike Feuer, and Councilman Kevin de Leon were all in attendance for the debate.


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At one point during the debate, Caruso took aim at the other candidates (all elected officials) for "lack of compassion for the way people are living". Caruso said:

“The tragedy down at City Hall -- the lack of humanity, the lack of compassion for the way people are living -- is literally 10 minutes from the offices of everyone to the left of me,”

Caruso continued by saying,

“And for some reason you’ve been driving the other way, not driving into that problem.”

This statement did not sit well with other candidates.

Bass would speak directly to the other candidates on stage about the messages in regards to the issues of the city of Los Angeles. She said:

“If you lead a campaign that says the city is going to hell in a handbasket and everything is awful in Los Angeles, then that just builds on the despair and the fear,”

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When asked by moderators about hate crimes, the candidates all had unique answers.

At one point during the debate, De Leon answered a question entirely in Spanish. The question was about street vending. He said:

“I’m running for mayor because I’m tired of seeing people like my mother left behind, an immigrant woman with a third-grade education who cared for us by caring for the very wealthy,”

A large portion of the debate was Rick Caruso going after the other candidates in regards to the homelessness of Los Angeles, rising crime, and a number of other issues.

“I don’t spend time disparaging people in office,” ... “What I disparage is elected officials that don’t produce results.”

At one point during the debate, Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles leader Melina Abdullah was carried out of the auditorium for not having a ticket to the ticketed event.

It is important to mention, Caruso has spent approximately $23 million on his campaign thus far.

A poll from about a month ago showed Rep. Karen Bass and Rick Caruso leading - an estimated 24% backed Caruso, while 23% supported Bass. De Leon had 6% of support, while Buscaino and Feuer polling at 1% and 2%.

The LA Mayoral Primary takes place on June 7th and the election takes place on November 8th of this year. Definitely an exciting time for Los Angeles. Only time will tell as to who progresses in the race.

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