Want Free Spritz Cocktails?! Just Take A United Flight To Italy This Summer

United Airlines is offering complimentary spritz cocktails on select flights to Italy this summer!

Close--Up Of Pink Cocktail On Table

Photo: Getty Images

Spritz Society's premium sparkling cocktails will be available on United's seasonal flights between Chicago and Milan from May 6 through August 6, and on United's summer flights between Newark and Rome from May 26 to August 26.

Spritz Society's Grapefruit flavor will be available onboard the two routes and both Grapefruit and Blood Orange will be available in the United Club airport locations.

A company spokesperson said, "Spritz cocktails have become synonymous with summer and offer a taste of Europe. Given the drink's origin, we thought what better place to serve them than onboard our flights to Italy. “Our customers are going to love everything about these festive cocktails, especially the taste – one of the reasons we chose Spritz Society is their focus on quality natural ingredients."

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