Coyote Attack Injures Girl on Huntington Beach

Sign for coyote

Photo: Getty Images

A coyote attacked and seriously injured a girl on Huntington Beach.

According to ABC news, officers were called to the beach near the Huntington Beach Pier and found the girl. She had some serious injuries although they were not life threatening. She was taken to the hospital. She was with two women and another small child when she was attacked. The coyote came out dark, hit, and knocked over the girl and attacked her for 12 seconds before her cry alerted adults and the animal ran off. The coyote paced for a while before finally fleeing. The family did nothing to provoke the animal.

Officers later shot two coyotes and found one dead on the sand. They will test the animal for rabies. Coyotes are found all over California, including cities. Authorities have warned civilians of the risk. Last year, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife began workshops to help communities deal with coyotes because of an increase in the umber of conflicts with people.

There are about 10-12 attacks per year around the state, mostly involving smaller children. There are some incidents involving full-grown adults as well. Police have conducted increased coyote trapping efforts throughout the city.

No other information about the girl will be released because she is a juvenile.

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