Lawsuit: George Gascon Retaliates Against His Own Deputy DA's

Attorney Greg Smith talked to John & Ken today to explain a new lawsuit that alleges George Gascon got even with four LA County deputy district attorneys who would not drink his Kool-Aid.

From Fox News:

A group of Los Angeles County deputy district attorneys (DDAs) on Monday filed a new lawsuit against the county and District Attorney George Gascon.

Deputy District Attorneys Peter Cagney, Richard Hicks, Mindy Page and Karen Thorp are accusing Gascon's office of demoting them from their positions for expressing opposition to his resentencing policies.
"Each Plaintiff was removed from their position as a result of disclosing and/or refusing to engage in illegal activities as directed by their supervisors, including, but not limited to, George Gascon, Joseph Iniguez and/or Diana Teran," the complaint filed in the LA County Superior Court states. 
Plaintiffs allege that they were "subjected to adverse employment actions because they disclosed that the resentencing guidelines and directions they received from their supervisors were violations of the current state of the law, and/or refused to carry out unlawful directives and/or orders given to them by their supervisors."

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