Supreme Court Set to Hear Case about Praying Football Coach

The Supreme Court is set to tackle a case that could help reset the line between church and state.

The justices will hear a dispute between school officials and a former high school football coach who wanted to pray on the field after games.

For years, coach Joseph Kennedy would lead students in prayer on the field and when the school district learned what he was doing they asked him to stop.

Kennedy's lawyers say that he should have been allowed to continue because of the Constitution's freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

However, the school argued that Kennedy's religious speeches infringed on the religious freedom rights of the students.

The district says it tried to work out a middle ground with Kennedy where he could pray privately before or after the game, but he instead filed his suit.

Kennedy says he never made the students join him and that they chose to join him on the field.

A decision is expected to be reached before the court heads into its summer recess.

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