Doug Krikorian Joins the Conway Show Talks Jerry West and "Winning Time"

2022 NBA All-Star Game

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Doug Krikorian is a long-time Los Angeles-area sportswriter, sports talk show host, and the author of the autobiography "Between the Bylines: The Life, Love and Loss of Los Angeles's Most Colorful Sports Journalist" joins Mo Kelly on the Conway Show and talks HBO's Winning Time. Doug and Jerry West have a friendship that goes back 54 years and he does not like the way his friend is being portrayed in the series. He says the series is portraying Jerry to be the complete opposite of who he really is.

Krikorian covered the So Cal sporting scene for more than 45 years for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and then the Long Beach Press Telegram. He gained a reputation for his views on the Lakers, Dodgers, Angels Clippers, USC and UCLA. He covered most of the big fights in the 1980s and 1990s. He monitored the Ram teams of Carroll Rosenbloom and then Georgia Frontiere, as well as Al Davis' Raiders when those two organizations were in Los Angeles. He also was a part of the "McDonnell-Douglas" radio show for more than a decade.

He has been in the sports world for decades and he a lot to say. Take a listen!

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