Meet Zacky, the 10-Year-Old Advocate for School Kids with Food Allergies

UPDATE: 8/22/2022

We're so excited to welcome Priscilla and Zacky back to the show because they have an incredible update!

The dynamic mother and son duo were able to get Zacky's Bill passed by the Senate and it is set to land on Governor Newsom's desk for final approval to become law.

Listen to their update and learn more about them and the bill below!


Say hello to Zacky Muñoz, the 10-year-old who is advocating a bill in the California assembly that would protect kids in school with food allergies.

"The Zacky Bill" would create a virtual food allergy resource guide that would ensure the safety of kids with allergies while in school.

Zacky himself is allergic to several foods and has experienced anaphylactic events while in school.

His mother, Priscilla Hernandez has been a huge support in his work and says that it was because of the incidents at school, they decided to push for legislation.

Priscilla and Zacky joined Jen this morning to discuss the bill, listen below and click HERE to learn more.

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