The Saga of Former Penn State Linebacker Todd Hodne

ESPN released an editorial article on a former Penn State linebacker named Todd Hodne.

Hodne allegedly sexually assaulted multiple women at Penn State University.

Following the sexual assaults that took place at Penn State University, Hodne would continue to rape and would even murder someone in New York.

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The ESPN article went into depth about how Hodne would break into the apartments of women at the university. After he would enter the apartments, he would rape the women at knifepoint.

Todd Hodne began attending Pennsylvania State University in 1977 and the crimes would begin taking place in 1978.

Along with another Penn State football player and another friend, Hodne was convicted of burglarizing a record store and stealing approximately $800 worth of items.

Penn State Community Shaken By Sex Abuse Scandal

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After the burglary took place, Penn State football head coach Joe Paterno would suspend Hodne for the entire season.
Paterno would state that Hodne could only return to the team if he had a great academic year and could prove that the burglary was a mistake.

Also following the burglary, Paterno would move Hodne to the room of Fred Ragucci, a football player who had a good career and was a great player. Paterno had hopes that Ragucci's behavior would rub off on Hodne.

Ragucci would talk to ESPN about Hodne's fascination with a knife, he owned. He said:

“He was always playing with it when he was in the room,”

He continued by saying:

“It had a leather sheath, and he would take the sheath on and off, on and off. All the time, even when you were having a conversation.”

The saga of Todd Hodne would continue for years. He would continue to terrorize women and would continue having brushes with law enforcement.

In 1979, Hodne was sentenced to 7-21 years in jail after pleading guilty to two counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault, and a single count of attempted second-degree robbery. Hodne would parole out.

After his jail stint, Hodne would try to rob a taxi driver. The taxi driver would resist the robbery and Hodne would kill him on sight.

Hodne would die in 2020 at the New York State Prison after being arrested and convicted for killing the taxi driver.

Click here to read the full ESPN article.

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