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As Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti awaits being confirmed to become the U.S. Ambassador to India, a representative has now stated that Garcetti may have given out "unintentionally blended numbers" regarding sex allegations that involved his advisor Rick Jacobs.

On Thursday while speaking to reporters, Garcetti openly said that 40 people "under oath" did not provide corroborations to support the allegations of sexual misconduct that were made against his advisor, Rick Jacobs.

While speaking to Fox 11 Los Angeles, Garcetti said:

“I think it’s crystal clear,”

He continued by saying:

“Forty people interviewed under oath, who said there’s zero corroboration. That speaks for itself.”

... but according to Greg Smith, the attorney for Los Angeles Police Department Officer Matthew Garza, a former member of Garcetti's security team that is now suing the city of Los Angeles, the number that Garcetti gave reporters "is inaccurate".

Rob Wilcox, a spokesperson for the city attorney's office, said in all, 32 people have given deposition testimony under oath. That figure includes testimony from both Garza and Jacobs.

Doubling down on his claim, while speaking to Spectrum News 1, Garcetti would say that "40 people under oath have been clear.”

As mentioned earlier, only 32 people have given testimony under oath - not 40, like Garcetti is saying.

Dae Levine, who serves as Garcetti's chief communications officer, spoke about the number that Garcetti has been giving out. She said:

“This is a matter of unintentionally blended numbers,”

Levine would continue by saying:

Most of the people deposed, “including every member of the security detail besides Officer Garza, provided information supporting the truth — that Mayor Garcetti never saw or was informed about inappropriate behavior,”

Garcetti's nomination to serve as the United States Ambassador to India is currently in jeopardy due to these allegations. Did Garcetti know this was taking place in his office? or was he genuinely unaware this was all taking place?
Only time will tell as U.S. Senators are weighing how Garcetti handled these allegations and if he is still a right fit to be the U.S. Ambassador to India.

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