'A Valley In Time' Mural To Be Unveiled on San Fernando Road in Sylmar

Paints and paint brushes in an artists studio

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A massive mural titled ``A Valley In Time'' will be unveiled today at San Fernando Road and Roxford Street in Sylmar.  

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, who commissioned the mural, said in March that it ``transforms a highly visible space from eyesore and blight to a celebrated art piece that captures the uniqueness of Sylmar from the eyes of local muralist, Erica Friend.''  

Friend led a team of local artists to design the mural, which depicts Sylmar's agricultural past through a three-point perspective, with agricultural fields on one side and the neighborhood's present state -- depicted by a paved, palm tree-lined street -- on the other side. The mural also shows phases of the moon, the sun shining on the mountains, and local landmarks like the Los Angeles aqueduct system, a hiking trail, a hang glider to represent the Sylmar Hang Gliding Association, and figures to represent Sylmar's equestrian community. The mural also pays homage to the Tataviam tribe.  

``I'm proud to be breaking new ground, securing a women led team to design and deliver the largest, record breaking mural in the San Fernando Valley,'' Rodriguez said when the artists began work on March 14.  

The 289-foot long and 30-foot high mural was painted on the rear wall of Three Hands Corp., which Rodriguez's office said has been the target of ``endless graffiti.'' She hopes that the mural will deter vandalism and brighten the San Fernando Road corridor.  

Friend's team consisted of Levi Ponce, Juan Pablo Reyes of JP Murals, Javier Lopez of Versus, Ray Valencia of MuteOne, Rah Azul and Desiree Sanchez of Desiboo Creations.  

The project was managed by the public art nonprofit 11:11.  

``11:11 Projects is thrilled to be the project lead and managers of this monumental wall. As a Sylmar resident myself, I'm so happy to be part of the effort to beautify and revitalize our community with some of the most talented SFV Valley muralists,'' Addy Gonzalez Renteria, co-executive director of 11:11 Projects, said in March. ``This project is woman led and powered with the support of Councilwoman Rodriguez and lead artist Erica Friend and our hope is that this beautiful mural brings pride to our neighborhoods.''

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