#SmallBusinessShoutout: Snocorner "New Orleans Style Snoballs & Cream"

The ongoing Covid situation has affected local small businesses and many are struggling to stay open. In an effort to help those small businesses survive, we are featuring them in a segment we call #SmallBusinessShoutout!

This week for our #SmallBusinessShoutout, we are joined by Ashley Monconduit Owner of "Snocorner : New Orleans Style Snoballs & Cream"

SNOCORNER is located in sunny Long Beach, California and brings the “cool” to an already beautiful city!

They specialize in powder-like ice that are combined with flavors and made with real cane sugar. The Snoballs can also be jazzed up with condensed milk and/or soft-served ice cream! Make you sure you try one of their specials like the Tiger Island/

Location - 1701 Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813

Keep up with SnoCorner on Instagram, Facebook, and Website

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