Sea Lion Seen Crossing Freeway in San Diego

This is not something you see every day... A lost sea lion was seen crossing a busy San Diego freeway on Friday and good samaritans were there to help it get to safety!

Shortly after 9:30 AM on Friday, drivers on Route 94 saw a sea lion trying to cross the road, though an unusual sight - many drivers became concerned and did their best to help get this sea lion out of the way without any harm.

On a video filmed by Josefine Jandinger, two samaritans are seen directing traffic to go around the animal to prevent it from getting injured.

Jandinger spoke to the local San Diego news outlet, KGTV, about the weird encounter:

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing,"

She continued:

"It was the craziest thing I've ever seen."

The sea lion slowly crossed the road with the help of these two good samaritans.

Crews from the San Diego Seaworld were then able to capture the animal then it was taken to its park.

Why did the sea lion cross the road? .... Wait, that's not how the joke goes!

We are glad the sea lion was able to cross the freeway without any injuries.

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