Florida Nail Salon to Pay $1.75M after Woman Loses Leg in Botched Pedicure

A judge has ordered a Florida nail salon to pay over a million dollars to a woman who ended up losing her leg from a botched pedicure.

In a lawsuit filed against Tammy's Nails 2 in Tampa, Clara Shellman says an employee cut her foot while giving her a pedicure in 2018.

Shellman alleges the employee was using "dirty tools" causing the cut to become infected and eventually led to her having to have her leg amputated at the knee.

"Our client suffered an amputation as a result of a trip to a nail salon," says Shellman's attorney, Paul Fulmer. "While no amount could fully compensate her for this life-altering injury, this deserved settlement will help her cover the high cost of her medical bills and her ongoing care."

The salon has since been shut down.

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