Movie Theater Worker Exposes Movie-Goers for Leaving Gross Things Behind

One TikTok user is blowing up after exposing the disgusting messes people leave after they’re through with watching a movie. The user – Simply Rachael – posted a video titled “Things I find while ushering.”

With nearly 7 million views and 1.4 million likes, the clip shows Rachael cleaning up after an early screening of the animated musical film “Sing 2.” She cleaned up enough trash to fill six large 50-gallon garbage bags. With 1 gallon being equal to 8.34 pounds, multiplying 50 by 8.34 results in 417 pounds of garbage. Furthermore, her having filled 6 of those bags brings the trash weight total to a whopping 1.5 tons.

Popcorn had been spilled everywhere among some personal items that were left behind, including a black hat, dollar bills, a pair of Apple AirPods, sunflower seed shells that had been chewed up and spat out, empty buckets (of popcorn), soda cups and ripped-up napkins.

To find humor in the situation, Rachael said “We had to bring out the big broom,” as she swept up heaps and heaps of buttered popcorn on the floor.

She says 194 tickets were sold for the screening, and the mess took 3 workers 45 minutes to get the theater back to the state it was prior to the showing. But “…it was not like clean clean,” Rachael added. “It was like, we had to leave when the movie started.”

Many viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts on the mess. “I understand a little [spilled] popcorn but SPITTING YOUR SUNFLOWER SEEDS ON THE FLOOR!?” one viewer exclaimed.

One well-mannered parent shared, “I tell my kids before every movie: It might be their job to clean up after us, but that doesn’t mean it’s our job to make a mess.” We need more parents in the world like this one.

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