Airbnb Has New Restrictions For Some This Holiday Season

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Airbnb has put into place some new restrictions for those who may be planning on using one of their rental properties as a party house this holiday season.

Last year, the rental company has put a ban on parties of over 16 people that is still in effect. New restrictions have been placed on customers that have negative ratings this holiday season. Those restrictions include:

  • You are not allowed to rent a property for a single night on December 31st.
  • You are not allowed to reserve a three-night whole-house rentals over the new year. Especially reservations that are last-minute or made locally.

These new restrictions will not impact customers that have positive reviews on their accounts.

Airbnb is working hard to prevent unauthorized parties during this holiday season. According to the company, there are over 243,000 accounts that have had restrictions implemented to their accounts.

Placing restrictions is not something new to the rental giant as they implemented similar restrictions to accounts on July 4th and Halloween.

It is also worth noting that Airbnb banned "party houses" in 2019 after a shooting at a Halloween party. Five people died in the incident and there were over 100 people in the house during the unauthorized party.

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