West Hollywood... The New Marijuana Capital of the West Coast?

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Move over Amsterdam - West Hollywood is planning on becoming the NEW "Weed Capital of the World" in the next few years.

West Hollywood definitely has some bright ideas for the future as the city plans on becoming the "weed hub" of the West Coast.

If you recall, West Hollywood became the first American city to open a "cannabis cafe", a cafe that not only offers a restaurant menu but also offers a selection of cannabis products patrons can consume at the facility. In 2019, the Original Cannabis Cafe opened its doors in WeHo and found immense success very quickly, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been closed. They are planning on reopening their doors in the coming months.

In the next few years, more than a dozen cannabis businesses are set to open in the town bordering Hollywood.

John Leonard, the person that oversees all the cannabis policies in the city of West Hollywood and commented on what the next few years could look like for WeHo. He said:

"It's not just going to be this cookie cutter row of six cannabis lounges on a single block and they all look the same. They're spread out throughout the city and they're going to offer a variety of experiences,"

West Hollywood is projecting that these new marijuana ventures will be bringing in an estimated five to six million dollars yearly in tax revenue.

What are your thoughts?

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