#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Little girl eating chicken nuggets

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Every Friday we bring you stories that have slipped though the cracks and we call them the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know. Here are the stories that slipped through the cracks this week:

Honorable Mention: A woman finds out she is pregnant with twins then finds out she is pregnant with another baby

  1. 9: A former McDonalds finds a raunchy Ronald toy in a charity shop
  2. 8: Woman gives birth in a Tesla while the car is on autopilot
  3. 7: Florida bee expert is called to a house to tend to a seven-foot bees’ nest behind bathroom shower tiles
  4. 6: A Chinese man has been jailed for stealing $23,500 from his ex-girlfriend’s bank account by pulling up her eyelids while she was sleeping to activate her phone’s facial recognition feature
  5. 5: Half-naked Father Christmas runners take part in a race despite cold temperatures
  6. 4: A woman in the UK falls in love with a prisoner after she exchanged letters with him
  7. 3: Florida woman spikes her boyfriend’s lemonade because he wouldn’t shut up
  8. 2: Two lions roam around Singapore airport after escaping
  9. 1: An amateur UK pornographer has to go to the ER after getting a sex toy stuck in a painful place

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