LAPD Chief: Homicides In LA Not Rising As Sharply As In Other Major Cities


Photo: Getty Images

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore today briefed the police commission on how Los Angeles' increase in homicides compares to other major cities across the U.S., saying it was a ``small comfort'' that the number of shooting victims and homicides has not risen as sharply as in other cities.

``The vast majority of American major cities are seeing an increase in shooting violence and increase in homicides,'' Moore said.

Los Angeles has experienced a 15.17% increase in homicides from last year and a 51% increase over a two-year period. Meanwhile, over the two-year period:

-- Chicago has seen a 60% increase in homicides

-- Houston a 78% increase

-- Philadelphia a 57% increase

-- Oakland a 79% increase

-- Portland a 109% increase

-- San Francisco a 53% increase

``I take small comfort in the fact that we're not increasing at the same rate some others are. That's only a small comfort when we recognize the number of shooting victims this year over a two-year period are up 54%. That's a striking number of additional shooting victims,'' Moore said.

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