Fresno DA: Newsom Is Either Ignorant Or A Liar On Crime

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp talked to John & Ken today about Governor Newsom's idiotic comments about this horrendous crime wave.

District Attorneys in California are fed up with elected officials shifting the blame of this crime wave to local prosecutors and law enforcement.

Fresno Fox 26 talked to Lisa late last week:

Governor Newsom says those laws reduced crime, particularly property crimes. Then, he shifted blame to law enforcement officers and district attorneys, saying, “It seems to me that there’s deterrence when people are arrested for breaking the law and are prosecuted. We need arrests and we need prosecution. We need people held to account. No one condones that behavior – quite the contrary.”
“It’s not deterring it, it’s not preventing it. It’s not doing anything to stop this, which is why it just keeps getting worse and we keep seeing more bold behaviors, we keep seeing more criminals who are empowered,” said Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp.
Smittcamp was outraged by the comments, feeling the Governor was shifting blame to her and her colleagues.
“He should be ashamed of himself,” said Smittcamp. “This is the environment that he created. And he’s either ignorant of the statistics, or he’s a liar.”

Lisa Smittcamp went even deeper with her opinions on Newsom and LA County DA George Gascon saying that she does not consider him to be a District Attorney.

Listen to John & Ken's interview with Lisa below.

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