Airlines Turning to Facial Recognition to Speed Up Airport Process

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If you are someone who dislikes the extreme wait times in airports, this story is for you! The travel industry is currently preparing for what it is expecting to be its busiest season since the COVID pandemic began.

In a few days, Delta Airlines is expected to announce a pilot program that will implement facial recognition technology. This new technology will start to begin being used at two of America's largest airports in Atlanta and Detroit... and if all goes well, they will hopefully start implementing this new technology into more airports.

Delta Airlines partnered with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to create a never-before-seen experience from the moment you drop off your bags, security, and boarding.

Those that will be participating in this program must have TSA pre-check and be part of Delta's loyalty program.

Ranjan Goswami, Delta's senior vice president of customer experience, told ABC News that this program is the future of the airline business. He said:

"This is the future in so many ways,"... "Basically, we want to make the airport experience as effortless as possible. What does that mean? Getting out of lines, not having to stop discombobulated."

When those participating arrive at the airport's bag drop, TSA checkpoint, or even the boarding gate - all they need to do is lower their masks to use this new technology. Within a few seconds, their faces will be recognized and there will be no need to present a boarding pass or record.

American Airlines is currently working on similar technology - that system is currently being tested in Dallas, Tx.

Delta is currently expecting more than 5.5 million travelers for Thanksgiving - this program will definitely be utilized and will hopefully make travelers' experience quick and easy.

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