California is the Third-Creepiest State in the US

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According to a new study done by, California has been ranked the third-creepiest state in the United States.

This new study ranks states in the United States in three different categories: Spook Score, Creep Score, and Boo Score:

Spook Score:

  • Age of oldest cemetery
  • The founding date of the oldest town or city
  • Number of cemeteries by population
  • Number of haunted places by population

Creep Score

  • Number of abandoned buildings
  • Number of unsolved murders by population

Boo Score

  • Number of reported ghost sightings by population
  • Number of Ghost Towns by population

So - California ranked #28 as the Spookiest state in the United States. Interestingly enough, California has 1,070 haunted places, making it the most in the United States.

The study brings attention to specific "haunted" locations like the Cecil Hotel, the Whaley House Museum in San Diego, and even the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

California ranked 34th having the highest amount of cemeteries and also ranking the 3rd Creepiest State. That number 3 spot comes from the number of unsolved murders in CA, 48,830 unsolved murders. New York came in at number 1 and Illinois took number 2.

California was also the only state that had over 100,000 homicides, with 128,782 homicides. This number comes from the years 1980 all the way to 2019.

"The Golden State" has the fifth-most ghost towns with 221.

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