How to Repair After an Affair

I can't believe we're fighting about this again...

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Recovering from an affair will be one of the most challenging chapters in your life. Mayo Clinic has some advice!

Consider these steps to promote healing after an affair:

  • Don't decide yet. Before choosing to continue or end your marriage, take the time to heal and understand what was behind the affair.
  • Be accountable. If you were unfaithful, take responsibility for your actions. End the affair, and stop all interaction or communication with the person. If the affair involved a co-worker, limit contact strictly to business or get another job.
  • · Get help from different sources. Seek the help of nonjudgmental, understanding friends, experienced spiritual leaders or a trained counselor. All self-help books are not equally helpful. Seek advice about additional reading from a professional.
  • Consult a marriage counselor. Seek help from a licensed therapist who is specifically trained in marital therapy and experienced in dealing with infidelity. Marriage counseling can help you put the affair into perspective, identify issues that might have contributed to the affair, learn how to rebuild and strengthen your relationship, and avoid divorce — if that's the mutual goal.

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