#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

Chicken nuggets isolated on white

Photo: Getty Images

Here are the stories that slipped through the cracks this week:

Honorable Mention: A hot Zebra is used to bring back two missing Zebras 

9: A man in Minneapolis is trouble for operating his own airport in his backyard 

8: Woman finds $1,000 dollars' worth of food in Whole Foods dumpster 

7: Saudi Arabi is set to open a theme park on the grounds of an old oil plant 

6: A brother and sister have supported their parents with making money from OnlyFans 

5: Washington state local news airs 13-second porn clip during weather forecast

4: Horny stag crashes a kids soccer game

3: Australia is trying to vaccinate all of its koalas against chlamydia

2: There is a new device that detects erections overnight 

1: A man in Japan is arrested for selling pixelated porn videos 

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