LA City Council Votes To Ban Camping in Certain Locations Throughout LA

Photo: Getty Images

The Los Angeles City Council has approved a new ban on camping at specified locations.

On Wednesday, the City Council voted on this ban with a 12-2 vote - this new ban would outlaw lying, sleeping, and sitting at 54 different locations in three districts of Los Angeles County. The council also asked for resources that would help the homeless impacted by this new ban.

If you may recall, over the summer, the council put into place new rules that regulated sleeping, sitting, and storing property near fire hydrants, driveways, libraries, parks, building entrances, elementary schools, and other locations.

There were a few council members that suggested that the council was moving too fast and this should be put on hold until the necessary resources are in place to help the homeless. The city has not hired the staff that would help with the outreach aspect of this ban.

Mike Bonin would discuss his opinions on this new ban suggesting things may have been rushed. He said:

“I am certain that a lot of work has been done, but it still isn’t to the level of what we committed to as a body,”

Bonin was one of the council members that voted against the motion. Nithya Raman also opposed these new anti-camping rules.

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