You May Want to Stock Up On Wine As Supply Chain Issues Causing Shortage

Photo: Getty Images

If you are a fan of wine... You may want to stock up on your favorite wine as supply chain issues are causing many issues for manufacturers of wine.

CBS13 spoke to the owner of Capitol Label, Michael Mellon. Capitol Label is a company that supplies labels for many companies producing wine. He discussed the impending shortage:

“We don’t want to over order and have it sit here too long, but we don’t want to run short,”

He added,

“Adhesives which have been affected by the Texas freeze and you’ve got paper stuck at the ports,”

Shortages have impacted all aspects of production.

Not only are labels harder to come by, nowadays... but even wine bottles are hard to obtain.

“He said, we are out of all wine bottles,” ... “I ordered a container from China of the bottles we need. The first container took a month or two longer to arrive in port and cost me 50% more than I was initially quoted because of price increases.”

A winemaker told the news outlet about a recent conversation he had with a supplier.

Wine companies are now looking into different wine bottles that are available. A stressful situation to say the least.

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