Never Mind a House – Tennessee’s Got an Entire Town for Sale!

The town of Water Valley, located in Tennessee, is up for sale, and it could all be yours for the small fee of $725,000.

Christa Swartz, a Nashville-based real estate broker has noted that the approximated 7-acre slab of land is what’s left of Water Valley after the town was absorbed into nearby Williamsport. The final piece holding the town together for recognition – the post office – recently closed.

“It’s a quiet little place on a beautiful strip of highway that goes through there,” said Swartz to FOX Television Stations on Saturday. She continued to promote the property, saying it includes a few buildings, including two general, hardware and sporting good stores. Additionally, it has a population of 15 residents (not a typo) plus their pets and livestock. The property also offers a creek and a barn.

“You could totally be your own mayor,” she quipped. “You would also be your own everything else though, too…so the cleaner and the mayor and the barkeeper. You could be the antique store owner.”

She noted that county officials would handle the infrastructure like roads and water, so Water Valley’s new owner wouldn’t be on the hook for those. The town, noted Swartz, dates to at least the 1890s when it was more commonly known for its apple orchards. Evidently, she is receiving a plethora of offers, some of which have come from locals and Hollywood producers looking to utilize the property for film and television productions. “I am inundated with calls from all over the United States…I had 93 calls in one day just for this property.”

For those of you seriously considering investing in a property like Water Valley, Tennessee, you better act fast! Potential buyers should be warned, though, that the town is a big responsibility. Swartz noted that some areas are in flood-prone zones and some buildings could use updated wiring and plumbing.

“It’s the perfect proximity to Nashville, said Swartz. “It’s some of the prettiest country you’ll see in Tennessee.

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