The Trillion Dollar Coin Idea to Pay U.S. Debt

I came up with this when I was 15...the idea has been floating around Washington D.C. for a decade.

Here it is - the U.S. Debt is over $28 trillion dollars and the President can issue a $1 trillion "commemorative" coin, deposit with the Federal Reserve and then the government can start paying those bills. #MintTheCoin has been trending.

I did the math...we will need at least 30 of these $1 trillion dollar coins. And what happens if the President loses the coin between the car seats?

Check out the DEBT CLOCK

Treasury secretary of the United States, Janet Yellen, finally said she does not intend to mint a platinum coin worth $1 trillion -

"It’s really a gimmick and what’s necessary is for Congress to show that the world can count on America paying its debts,"

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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