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Karen Knotts is an acclaimed actress, playwright, stand-up comedienne and the daughter of legendary comedian, Don Knotts. It's such a small world that Karen's father and Tim's father worked together on multiple occasions!

As a young comedienne, Karen toured with her father in many plays across the US. In 2006, following her father’s death, she created her one-woman, live stage show, "Tied Up in Knotts", which she has taken on the road through 32 states. The show honors Don’s life with stories, jokes, and characters.

During her childhood and her teenage years, Karen says she and her father often "butted heads" over her desire to enter show business: "I always wanted to be an actress, even when I was young, but he said, 'No, that's not a good life for a child."

Knotts also writes for the stage; her one-woman play Roger and Betsy was nominated for the Merce Awards in 2009. She has written two plays, "Dates from Hell the Musical", and a farce, "But We Open Tonite".

MOST RECENTLY In response to popular demand, Karen wrote a memoir, Tied Up In Knotts, which will be published on Sept 21, 2021. Publisher’s Weekly said,

“Legendary funnyman Don Knotts (1924-2006) receives a heartwarming tribute in this humorous and intimate debut by his daughter. . . Fans will be rapt.”


With the October release of the movie “Mayberry Man”—in which Karen has a role in—and the 2021 Mayberry Days festival approaching, Karen Knotts delves beyond classic TV nostalgia to tell the full story of her father, Don Knotts. A loving daughter provides a full-life narrative of her father: Don’s difficult childhood in an abusive home, his escape into comedic performance, becoming a household name, his growth as a feature film actor, his failing health, and his family life throughout, leading to touching and hilarious moments. Knotts will delight readers with the memories of celebrities touched by Don’s life, including Ron Howard, Tim Conway, Andy Griffith, Maggie Peterson, John Waters, Barbara Eden, and Jim Carrey. Interviews she shares with Don’s family members, celebrity friends, and fans, create a surprising portrait of one of the world’s most beloved entertainers.

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