Newsom Says Your Kid Needs To Be Vaxxed To Go To School

Of course this is announced on a late friday news dump. But hey, you failed to have him recalled.

This is what you get California. Unless you "recallers" have any more bright ideas, more and more government intrusion is coming.

Funny how Newsom didn't announce any kind of vaccine mandate while his ass was on the line a few weeks ago.

Kevin Kiley has it right. Unless you have something for Newsom, you have to abide by his edicts.

The San Jose Mercury News had this observation about Newsom's mandates :

In July, Gov. Gavin Newsom made California the first state to mandate vaccination or testing for all state workers. But when the state’s powerful prison guards union objected, Newsom caved. So much for the governor’s insistence that California follow the science when dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic...California limits campaign donations — but not for recalls. The California Correctional Peace Officers Association spent $1.75 million to defeat the recall. That donation came only weeks after the Legislature approved the governor’s sweetheart deal with the union.

There ya go.....

Listen to John & Ken talk about today's announcement and when this student vaxx mandate will take effect.

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