An Amazon Driver Goes Viral After Accidentally Tossing Package onto Roof

This is definitely not something you see every day - an Amazon delivery driver has gone viral after accidentally tossing a package onto a roof after a bug scare.

In San Diego, this was supposed to be a normal delivery for a homeowner. In doorbell camera footage, an Amazon delivery driver is seen swatting something, whether that be some kind of bug or a spider, when he swats - the package goes flying and lands on the homeowner's roof.

After the package goes flying and ultimately lands on the roof, the driver does not know what to do. He is seen walking in circles a few times not knowing how he's going to get the package off the roof, let alone let the homeowners know that their package is on their roof.

The homeowner, Casey McPerry, posted the doorbell camera footage onto the popular app, TikTok, with the simple caption:

"Seriously it's okay, this made our day."

The couple who lives in the house did not know what happened to their package until they received a message from the Amazon driver:

"Hi this is your Amazon delivery driver. This sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof. Do you have a ladder I can use?"

The couple did not see the message from the delivery driver until later that evening. They went outside and used a flashlight to confirm that the package indeed landed on their roof. They grabbed the package of vitamins the next day.

There is a lot of humor surrounding this Amazon delivery. Many comments on the TikTok video made jokes about the roof delivery being a great way to keep thieves away from the package...

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