Homeless Artist Builds a Wall of Bicycles in Koreatown

An artist has turned a corner in Koreatown into a art installation made up of bicycles.

Mohammad Natsche has collected bikes for a while since living on the street and says he has been slowly building up his wall at a homeless encampment.

"Slowly, slowly people are like, 'Man, this is really nice, what are you doing? Why are you leaving the bikes outside? People are going to steal them.' I'm like let them steal it. It's OK. Everybody likes it, so it makes me really feel good."

However, not everyone is excited about it.

Many business owners nearby worry about the safety around this massive structure as well as how this solidifies the place of the 50-person encampment.

As reported by ABC7:

Jamie Penn works with Koreatown's homeless population and says the best thing the city can do would be to provide housing, something that's been offered, according to Councilmember Mitch O'Farrell's office. Penn admits the towering bikes pose an issue.
"It's interfering with signage and things ... I acknowledge the public safety element to where this particular art exhibit is starting to step outside the lines," said Penn.
O'Farrell's office says the homeless who live at the encampment have been engaged over 50 times, including being offered housing. They also say the department of sanitation will service the encampment soon.

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