Target Will Be Switching Up Their Approach to Holiday Hires

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Target Stores will be taking a different approach for staffing their stores during this upcoming holiday season. Target plans to cut back on seasonal hires and give their current employees, more hours and more stable schedules.

Currently, Target has about 300,000 employees nationwide, the store expects that the current staff will work 5 million more hours during this holiday season. That being said, Target still plans on hiring 100,000 seasonal employees - that is a way smaller number than how many people have been hired in years past during the holiday season. In the past two holiday seasons, 130,000 people were hired to work at their stores during that busy season.

Target recently launched a mobile app that makes it easier for current employees to pick up occasional shifts. This app also allows staff to choose times or swap hours on-demand, as well as adjusting hours for other obligations employees may have like parenting or attending class.

Target's chief human resource officer, Melissa Kremer, said in a statement:

“The pandemic highlighted our team members’ needs for flexibility,”

Target's chief store officer, Mark Schindele, also made a statement about catering to the needs of current employees. He mentioned that many Target employees have requested more hours and more stable schedules.

This upcoming holiday season is expected to be a very busy one - according to forecasts by Bain & Co. Deloitte and Mastercard SpendingPulse, sales in November and December are projected to grow 7% this year. It was also said that consumers should expect fewer deals, more items being out of stock, and potentially emptier shelves due to COVID-19.

Not only at Target, but staffing has been a problem for many stores. Stores are struggling to find employees to fill open positions.

Other stores will be hiring more employees during this holiday season:

  • Macy's will be hiring approximately 76,000 full and part-time employees for their stores, call centers, and warehouses. 48,000 of those jobs will be specific for the holiday season.
  • Kohl's is looking to hire roughly 90,000 seasonal employees nationwide.
  • Walmart is seeking to employ 20,000 permanent employees to work in supply chain roles like freight haulers and order fillers.

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