Woman Drops Suit Alleging Harvey Weinstein Assaulted Her at Peninsula Hotel


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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - A woman who sued Harvey Weinstein, alleging the producer sexually assaulted her at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel in 2014, has dropped her lawsuit.

Attorneys for the woman, identified only as Jane Doe, filed court papers on Friday with Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel M. Crowley asking that her case be dismissed “without prejudice,'' meaning it can be revived later. The papers did not state why Doe is not moving forward with the case.

The woman sued Weinstein in March 2020, stating that he traveled to Los Angeles in late 2014 on business and met Doe at an event, telling her, “I run Hollywood'' and that they should meet later. She gave him her business card and he subsequently contacted her, saying they could meet at the Peninsula Beverly Hills, the suit stated.

Doe agreed, went to the hotel and waited in the lobby, the suit states. When Weinstein did not appear, she contacted him and he said to come up to his room, where she encountered him wearing a bathrobe without a tie, the suit stated. Weinstein asked Doe about her career and said she was “perfect'' for a few projects he had planned, the suit stated.

Weinstein told Doe he was the “King of Hollywood'' and that she should be smart about how she behaves and should be nice to the right people, according to the suit. Doe left without incident, but the next day Weinstein emailed her and said that he wanted to put her in his next film, gave her his personal phone number and insisted that she call him, the suit states.

Weinstein soon thereafter contacted Doe again and demanded that she meet him at the Peninsula hotel again, the suit stated. When she arrived, he told her after some initial conversation, “You know I can make you a star or I can make a call and you'll never work again,'' the suit states.

“She was afraid he would put her on a blacklist and kill her career,'' the suit stated. “She was in a complete daze, unwilling to pleasure him, but at the same time desperate to avoid having her career destroyed by a man who was fully capable of doing so.''

Doe believed she had to submit to Weinstein's sexual demands and “therefore allowed him to have his way with her,'' the suit stated. He demanded that she call him the “king'' and repeatedly said he would “take care of her,'' the suit stated.

Doe returned home from the hotel in a “state of shock'' and later became deeply depressed, had a nervous breakdown and suffered extreme distress, according to the suit. She lost substantial amounts of hair, became withdrawn and didn't have relations with a man for more than five years, the suit stated.

“Her encounter with Weinstein has altered the course of her life, much for the worse,'' the suit stated.

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