Zebras Are On The Loose In Maryland!

Here's some news you don't hear everyday...

A team of animal control officers in Maryland are currently trying to catch a dazzle of escaped zebras!

Five of the animals broke free from a private farm in Prince George county last week -- and apparently they have been roaming around looking for food since.

“Zebras running loose in Prince George's County is something we’ve never seen, that’s for sure,” Rodney Taylor, chief of Prince George's County Animal Services Division, said. “There’s a buzz. A lot of people are talking about it.”
Animal Service officials in Maryland added, “You can’t hunt them down. They’re just too fast, they run, they won’t let you get near them. We do have a feeding station set up, and we’re winning their confidence. They are eating there every morning between 2am and 4am.”

Check out all of the details on The New York Times.

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