Woman Charged for Attacking Flight Attendant on San Diego-Bound Plane

An airplane approaches an airport in San Diego, California.

Photo: Getty Images

Federal charges were filed against a woman who allegedly struck a flight attendant during a San Diego bound flight.

An affidavit filed in San Diego federal court against, Vyvianna Quinonez, states that a female Southwest Airlines flight attendant identified inly as S.L. asked Quinonez to fasten her seat belt, stow her tray table, and wear her face mask properly during the plane's descent.

According to 10News the Sacramento-area resident allegedly did not comply with the requests, and pushed the flight attendant. Quinonez later stood up in her seat, punched S.L. in the face and head with a closed fist and grabbed the flight attendant by her hair. Several passengers tried to grab Quinonez and pull her away and one passenger stood between the two women and told Quinonez to sit down.

The victim sustained injuries that included three chipped teeth, two of which sustained enough severity that they were replaced with crowns, a bruised left eye and a cut under her eye requiring four stitches, and bruising on her arm. Quinonez claimed that she acted out of self defense. Another passenger alleged in interviews that the flight attendant provoked the incident and you could hear Quinonez saying multiple times, "Get off me! Quit touching me! Get your hand offs of me!" prior to the altercation.

A Southwest Airlines representative said in May that the passenger "repeatedly ignored standard in-flight instructions and became verbally and physically abusive upon landing. Law enforcement officials were requested to meet the flight upon arrival, and the passenger was taken into custody. We do not condone or tolerate verbal or physical abuse of our flight crews, who are responsible for the safety of our passengers."

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