LA County Officials Want City to Introduce Vaccine Mandate for City Workers

Photos: Getty Images

LA City Councilmembers, Mark-Ridley Thomas and Kevin de Leon are calling for Los Angeles to require vaccination for all city employees and healthcare workers or submit to weekly COVID tests if they choose to not get inoculated.

Councilman Kevin de Leon wants Los Angeles to follow the lead of Governor Gavin Newsom and mandate all employees to get vaccinated.

Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas took to Twitter on Monday to express that it was time for officials to mandate vaccinations in Los Angeles. He also plans to introduce a motion during Wednesday's city council meeting to develop a policy for city staff to be fully vaccinated and report their COVID-19 vaccination status to the appropriate City department.

The city of Pasadena will mandate all city employees to be fully vaccinated and is actively working to put the policy in-action as soon as the FDA receives approval for the COVID-19 vaccines, the city announced earlier this month.

If the councilmembers' motions get put into action, all health care workers and city employees would have to abide by these rules.

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