Is The Pandemic Over? Poll Shows 61% of People Think So

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In a recent Gallup web panel survey, a large portion of Republicans believe the coronavirus pandemic is over. According to this survey conducted by Gallup, 29% of the people that were surveyed believe that the pandemic is completely over, 62% believe their lives have returned to "somewhat" normalcy, another 54% say their lives are now completely uninterrupted by the pandemic, while 40% believe their lives will not go back to normal; there is a new normal.

The findings from Gallup are interesting and when broken down by demographic, findings show that 57% of Republicans believe the Covid-19 pandemic is over compared to a small 4% of Democrats. Men were also more likely than women to view the ongoing pandemic as over. When compared by age, the study shows that those aged 18-34 were less likely to say the pandemic is over compared to those aged 35 and over.

Megan Brenan, a research consultant at Gallup, discussed the findings:

“While 15% of U.S. adults say their life is ‘completely back to normal,’ 62% describe their life as ‘somewhat’ but not completely normal, and 23% say it is ‘not yet back to normal”

Brenan would go on to mention,

Moreover, the percentage of U.S. adults who report that normalcy has not been restored in their lives has shrunk by 11 percentage points since May.”

For more information on Megan Brenan's article, click here.

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