Sheriff Villanueva Lays Out His Homeless Findings

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva laid out his homeless findings this afternoon.

Shortly after addressing the media, he talked to the John & Ken Show.

Woke reporters fail to cover this issue quite like John & Ken. These dufus reporters are too worried about staying politically correct during their reporting, frustrating the public.

John & Ken keep these hack politicians accountable for this problem they created.

Sheriff Villanueva also made the point to ask about homeless funding and who is making money from this crisis.

Great question Sheriff, John & Ken have asked the same questions for years.

From Fox 11:

Villanueva said a letter was sent this morning to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors urging them to declare a local state of emergency in order to address the homeless crisis. 
By declaring a local state of emergency, the county will be able to apply for funding from FEMA. The sheriff said resources in LA County are extremely limited. 
"It’s a national disgrace. We are the wealthiest nation in the planet and we have such an enormous problem with homelessness and it’s a local tragedy," the sheriff stated. 


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