Naked Man Breaks into Bel Air Home, Accused of Killing Family's Pets

A naked homeless man has been arrested after surveillance video catches him breaking into a house and allegedly killing the family's pet birds.

Video shows the suspect, Paul Kiyan, walking around naked around the backyard before making his way into the house.

Inside footage shows Kiyan wandering around the kitchen and living room.

The homeowner, Mat Sabz, was getting dressed upstairs when his wife called him and alerted him to the intruder.

The two men had a face-to-face encounter, but when Kiyan started to go up stairs Sabz said that's when he decided to bolt

"I went to the room, closed the door. I didn't know what else to do, so I went to the balcony. I opened the balcony. I jumped out of the balcony to my car barefoot. I ran and called the police."

Besides the feeling of terror Kiyan caused, he also caused actual horror as cameras captured him killing the family's pet birds.

He was eventually arrested and Kiyan is facing burglary charges and animal cruelty

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