Gavin Newsom Gets A Tongue Bath From Woke "Journalists"

Welcome to the John & Ken Tongue Bath desk !

We can't remember seeing two more incredibly one-sided puff pieces.

These two "journalists" give Gov. Dippity Do sloppy Tongue Baths.

Read for yourself from Yahoo News and is an example:

Me: What do you eat in a day, actually?
Newsom: Eggs in the morning, religiously. Banana. Two eggs minimum, sometimes as much as four. Coffee. … Chicken salad, unless I’m on the road — then it’s a chicken sandwich or a turkey sandwich. … That’s pathetic, I’m not even interesting. And then, at dinner, I’d eat pasta every single night of my life until the end of time. I would eat tortellini — I mean, just, whatever the pasta is. … Lasagna, come on. It’s like the greatest thing ever created. 


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