California Regulators Meet Over New Worksite Pandemic Rules

Coronavirus COVID-19 protection. Two handmade sew protective masks with multiple layers. New face covering rules

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Cal/OSHA were set to approve revised worksite pandemic rules that allow fully vaccinated employees the same freedom as when they are off the job.

According to abc7 the revised regulations would conform with general state guidelines that took effect Tuesday by ending most mask rules for people who are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Newsom said he will then quickly issue an executive order sidestepping the usual legal review that would normally keep the rules from taking effect until June 28. They intend to ensure that workers are protected, while businesses resume normal or near normal levels of activity and productivity.

Some fear that this moves California in the wrong direction because majority of residents are not fully vaccinated. They believe dangerous variants will sicken many and likely kill some workers.

Fully vaccinated employees will not need to wear masks, except in locations like mass transit and classrooms where they are required for everyone. Physical distancing will also end, and vaccinated employees won't need to be tested it quarantine unless they show symptoms.

Employers have to document that workers who don't wear masks indoors are in fact fully vaccinated but they also have the choice of requiring proof of vaccination.

Kate Hansen, senior legislative director for the California Restaurant Association, said it is unrealistic to expect unvaccinated employees to remain masked until the emergency work rules expire early next year, while others generally drop their face covering.

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